Factors influencing Ideal Immune System

Immune System Alert

Sometimes fever makes us feel unpleasant due to inflammation, but in actual these are the signs that our body’s immune system is responding to the foreign invaders and pathogens.

Fever symbolizes that the metabolism has been increased, white blood cells count increases which are to stop infectious propagation throughout the multiple organs.

Factors Affecting Ideal Immune System
Factors Affecting Ideal Immune System

The inflammation is caused due to the histamine release by the damaged cells. Histamine dilates the cell walls and causes pain, heat, redness and swelling.

Sleep can hold on immunity

Sometimes we start running out crazy and suddenly even become sick due to a lack of sleeping hours. As, our whole body system becomes so weak and depressed which opens up pathways to the flu, infection, dizziness and colds.

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Sunlight is good for immunity

For the natural production of vitamin D in body sun exposure is important. However, this would help out to fight against heart disease, depression, cancers and disorders related to the autoimmune system.

In other words sun exposure for vitamin D is mandatory up to some extent as per the skin complexion, too much of skin hours can damage the skin and immunity.

Stress can harm the immune system   

Stress can harm the immune system
Stress and anxiety

Body immunity is within limits can handle stress thrown to it. In addition, Under stress, different hormones are released in series like adrenaline, cortisol and other like depression, anxiety, heart issues, digestive disease, weight gain, sleep and memory problems important to deal with stress to decrease the long term stress risk factors.

For instance, some of the modes to reduce stress risk are like exercise, meditation, yoga, eating healthy food and acupuncture.

Laughter is good for a healthy immune system

Laughter is the best medicine to cure any disease. In addition, laughter induces secretion of many chemicals like dopamine which ultimately makes you feel better and relax our brain by decreasing our stress level. Most importantly, laughter could be helpful in keeping the doctor away and make the immune system work properly.

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Germs can also be healthy

Our body is filled with millions of bacteria that could help out to digest food. Some of these germs are important for healthy body functionality. Above all, One time infection is quite important to protect the body against foreign invaders in the future.

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Way to keep the immune system strong

The immune system protects our body so they require to be strong, certain things can make our immunity strong.

  1. The body requires proper sleeping hours and rest for proper body functions.
  2. Moreover, washing hands regularly and good hygienic practice can prevent various infections.
  3. Exercise and a nutritious balanced diet are required for fighting the infection effectively.

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