Carrom Seeds – Instant Relief From Indigestion

Carrom Seeds
Carrom Seeds for indigestion

Carom Seeds is known as Indian Ginseng and is native to India. There are many benefits to be derived from drinking Indian ginseng such as healthy appetite, healthy functioning of the nervous system, weight loss and improved vitality.

However, carom seeds also have a few disadvantages including allergic reactions to some plants and toxicity to the body but advantages of the same.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is the main component of the carom seeds, which has the ability to stimulate acid production in the human body and hence help in controlling sugar levels in our body. The benefit that the acidity of the human body gets through the intake of the carom seeds remedy lies in the fact that it helps in improving the digestion of food.

Ajwain benefits

Ajwain (Santalum album) seeds help you regulate the glucose level in your blood. In rat studies, oral consumption of carom seeds extract decreased liver enzyme content, which is the main factor that increases the risk of developing peptic ulcers.

Ajwain (Santalum album) seeds are high in fiber, minerals and vitamins. They are used in Indian traditional medicines for promoting digestion and thereby acting as an appetite suppressant.

They also help in water loss in our bodies. Peptic ulcers are diseases that occur due to excessive secretion of hydrochloric acids in our stomachs. It is believed that Ajwains (Santalum album) seeds act as a good source of fiber. Thus, the advantage of weight loss and good digestion should be considered with caution.

Ajwain water benefits

Ajwain water benefits
Ajwain water benefits

There are some water benefits too. Two of the most common water benefits are increased thirst and increased urination. This happens because the water increases the osmotic pressure in our bodies.

The osmotic pressure is known to have an effect on the production of hormones responsible for the appetite and water retention. The presence of extra water in the human body leads to reduced water retention and consequently to water loss.

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Carom seeds for constipation

The ajwain (carom seeds) also help in relieving constipation, respiratory problems, and nausea. Some of the more dangerous side effects of consuming large doses of attains seeds include liver failure and even anemias.

The plant is also believed to improve the resistance against AIDS and cancer. Many people consume ajwains seeds for treating minor internal ailments like diarrhea and nausea. However, they are not recommended for treating serious problems like cancer or heart disease.

The ant intoxicating fragrance of the ajwain seeds attracts many users to its consumption. It is mainly due to the presence of thymol, which is known as a body cleansing agent.

Thymol has the ability to cleanse the colon of toxins and other waste matter thereby promoting the efficiency of the digestive system and flushing out harmful toxins.

Carom seeds for aging problem

Carom seeds for aging problem
Carom seeds for aging problem

The carom (carom seed) and the ajwain seeds help in fighting the aging process by promoting smooth and radiant skin tone. It also reduces freckles and age spots. The creams of these seeds contain high amounts of trehalas, which helps in nourishing the skin tissues.

The nutritional value of these seeds remains unknown till date. It is believed that the beneficial effects of the seeds have not yet been fully understood. But one thing we do know is that they are rich in manganese, zinc, magnesium, niacin and Vitamin B.

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These nutritional values of the ajwain (carom seeds) help in improving your skin tone. However, care should be taken to use these seeds after consulting a nutritionist for proper guidance on the amount to take.

Constipation and gas problems have been effectively tackled by using the ajwain (carom seeds) in the diet. The again can also be used as a laxative in case of colonic hydrotherapy. The again acts effectively on the lower intestines, where many of the toxins and fecal matters are formed.

The toxins to form in the colon get absorbed into the bloodstream and are transported all over the body through the blood.

Carrom juice benefits

Carrom juice benefits from a combination of essential fatty acids, enzymes, and proteins which are helpful in alleviating constipation and gas problems. The fruits and vegetables present in a raw carrom provide the nutrients required for good digestion and acting as an immunity booster.

Instant relief from indigestion is possible when you use the ajwain seeds as a spice in your favorite recipes. Use carroms for cooking or raw in salads. Cook the carrot juice in one glass of water for one minute. Drink the boiled carrom juice four to five times daily for better digestion and better health.


Ajwain (carom seed spice) may help in relieving indigestion symptoms especially in children. Studies in the east have revealed that the twain spice may help in reducing stomach inflammation and thus may help in reducing acute bouts of indigestion.

The spice has also shown positive results in animal studies. The carrom has been found to be very effective in helping in treating abdominal flatulence, and in treating diarrhea.

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