Indian researchers have developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation based new technology which can be used to help identify and control blood pressure (BP) and diabetes.

BP and diabetes Artificial intelligence Tools that will help in identify Healthysurf
BP and diabetes Artificial intelligence Tools that will help in identify

Mobile based tool has been developed by researchers from:

  • The Medicity Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad.
  • Society for Health Allied Research and Education, and
  • Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology, Thiruvananthapuram.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a neighborhood of engineering that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that could work and react like humans.

Some of the activities computers with AI are designed which includes the Speech recognition,Learning ,problem solving and planning.

Types of Artificial Intelligence :

Types of AI (AI): AI are often classified in any range of the way there are 2 sorts of main classification.

Type: Weak AI or Narrow AI: It is focused on brief narrow task, as a result the phenomenon that machines which are not too intelligent to do their own work can be built in such the simplest way that they appear good.

Study :

For the study of the usefulness of this tool, also two major reasons responsible for cardiovascular diseases in two villages of Medchal district of Telangana, high blood pressure and diabetes have been examined. It was found that 50 percent of the people had high blood pressure and 25 percent of people suffering from diabetes was not aware of earlier. The use of this tool for two years has affected blood pressure of 54% of sufferers suffering from high blood pressure. Similarly, 34 percent of diabetics have also seen improvement in blood glucose levels.

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Hence This research provides a platform for future research to reduce the prevention and mortality of high blood pressure and diabetes based heart diseases in the villagers settled in remote areas of the country. This technique can also be used to provide health services. ‘ In addition to Dr. Shailendra Dendeghe and Dr. P. G. Ammon, Dr. P. S. D., working at the University of Pittsburgh, USA Reddy also included. This study has been published in the research journal Plus One.

During this study, the Asha workers in the villages were trained to use M-Health, a tool called the sphygmomanometer and glucometer. The workers were also trained to get Skype interview between patients and practitioners.

AI Technology identify BP and diabetes
AI Technology identify BP and diabetes

Research :

Dr. Shailendra Dangege, chief researcher associated with this study, said, “This tool is a computer application under the definitive strategy, the Windows app”. It works in collaboration with trained workers, automated medical devices, tablet computers, internet servers and wireless printers. This tool can be important in providing quality health care services in the areas.

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Hope workers were given tablet computers and other equipment installed on the M-Health Tool app. These devices are connected to the tablet computer, so patients’ health results are automatically recorded. So Therapists deliver e-articles of medicines to patients through video conferencing by studying these records. Workers, doctors and patients stay in touch with the Internet at fixed time intervals.

Therefore Dr.P.G.mon, senior researcher for the Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, told that “this technique can be useful in digitizing the health information of patients. With this help, a strong health system can be established to check and control high blood pressure and diabetes.

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