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Ginger Good For Sore Throat

Is Ginger Good For Sore Throat?

If you are asking the question is ginger good for sore throat, then the chances are that your condition is not severe enough to warrant seeking medical help. Stuffy and runny nose, as well as a fever, can be considered minor symptoms of sinusitis.

But if you have a sore throat accompanied by headache, stuffy nose, and sore throat, then it is definitely an indication of acute sinusitis. This article will try to clarify whether ginger is effective in treating this condition or not.

We all know that it is very good for alleviating nausea and it also acts as an astringent to reduce coughing. However, the question is whether ginger tea is efficient in tackling acute sinusitis.

You see, ginger tea is known to have some properties that make it suitable for treating certain respiratory problems. For instance, it is known to help in clearing the mucous membrane and ease inflammation, thus, helping the patient to breathe easily.

In addition to easing the symptoms of sore throat, it also has the property to relieve coughing. And when it comes to headaches, it is also very useful in reducing tension and drowsiness and helpful for overall health. All in all, it is said to be a very good herb for sinus trouble.

How do we know that Ginger is Good for Sore Throat?

How do we know that Ginger is Good for Sore Throat?
How do we know that Ginger is Good for Sore Throat?

Well, the answer is in the taste. Drinking ginger tea is really refreshing and it leaves the patient with a soothing sensation on the tongue. This feeling is also very similar to drinking hot ginger ale! It is no wonder that ginger tea is a very popular choice for sinus relief.

However, this tea does have some medicinal benefits as well. It can help fight bacteria and viruses. Research shows that it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

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It is effective against the germs that cause toothache and tooth abscesses. If you take ginger regularly, you will experience its medicinal benefits.

However, keep in mind that it helps you get rid of external symptoms only, and not the root cause of the problem. If you are suffering from sinusitis and the feeling of nasal blockage is a frequent experience, don’t automatically assume that the presence of germs is the main reason behind it. You may just have a deviated septum or tonsils. So it is advisable to visit your physician first before self-medicating.

Medical Benefits

ginger tea also has a lot of flavors, which is a double-edged sword. On one hand, some people love the pungent and hot taste. On the other hand, others detest the taste and the smell. If you fall in the category of those who love the taste of ginger but hate the smell, you may find an alternative solution like herbal ginger powder.

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Ginger Good For Sore Throat

If you have chronic sinus problems and your throat feels parched most of the time, it is advisable to use it as a remedy. Consuming ginger tea several times a day relieves you from the pain caused by the dryness of the throat. However, do not overdo it because it is an alternative and should be consumed in the proper proportion.

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Uses of Ginger

There are so many uses of ginger that it seems too daunting to enumerate them all. It has been used for disinfecting the body in Chinese cultures, and for pain relief in Europe and Asia. In the Middle East, tea is drunk at every meal and for treating colds, coughs, flu, and sore throats.

It can relieve cough, cold, and flu symptoms, but is considered best when taken with honey or mint. Consuming it in the form of tea is also an effective remedy for sore throat. If the ailment is due to a bacterial infection, try gargling with vinegar or saltwater instead of using ginger. It is best to gargle with warm water, as it tends to weaken the walls of the stomach as it travels up the food pipe.


The answer varies from person to person. What works for one person might not work for another, because everyone’s bodies are different. Ginger tea is often the first option for people suffering from colds and coughs. For more serious infections, however, it is considered a potent and effective treatment. Be sure to consult with your medical professional before trying anything new, especially if you have any of the other conditions.

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