Natural Home Remedies for High Blood pressure

High blood pressure, Looking for Natural Home Remedies? When Your Bp is high, the blood moves through the arteries more forcefully.

As a result this puts accumulated pressure on the fragile tissues within the arteries and damages the blood vessels.

6 Natural Home Remedies for High Blood pressure
6 Natural Home Remedies for High Blood pressure

Blood pressure is the power at which blood pumps from the heart into the arteries. A normal blood pressure reading should be under 120/80 mm Hg. Consequently, Higher BP is Known as a “silent killer,” it usually doesn’t cause symptoms until there’s significant damage done to the heart.

Hence without visible symptoms, the vast majority of people are unaware that they are having high bp issues.

There are different natural strategies to lower your pressure while not side effects, but today we would like to highlight some top home remedies for high bp for you to try at home.

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Home Remedies for High Blood pressure


Grapes May Fight High Blood Pressure.Black, green, and red grapes contain high levels of present antioxidants.

Grape is considered multi-nutrient natural product which is high in phosphorus and potassium. So attempt to eat grapes day by day, to control the pulse level.

Natural Home Remedies
Natural Home Remedies
  • First Take a bunch of grapes, wash them and put them in a blender.
  • Mix the grapes and pour out the nectar.
  • Now, combine some sugar with it if you prefer.
  • Drink the juice once each morning with or while not breakfast.

2. Honey

Honey for high blood pressure may help lower it because it contains antioxidant compounds that are connected to lower blood pressure.

Studies in humans have shown modest reductions in blood pressure from intense honey.

Honey helps you keep your high blood pressure under control.

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  • You can take two teaspoons of raw honey an hour right before breakfasts every morning.


  • Take one teaspoon of honey.
  • Blend it into 2 teaspoons of ginger juice.
  • Drink the juice once each morning.

3. Exercise and walk regularly

Exercising or walking 30 to 50 min a day is an important part of healthy living to low high blood pressure.

Along with serving to lower bp, regular physical activity benefits your mood, strength, and balance.

6 Natural Home Remedies for High Blood pressure
High Blood pressure

It also diminishes your danger of diabetes and different varieties of heart condition. Regular exercise helps create your heart stronger and progressively proficient at pumping blood, which lowers the pressure in your arteries.

4. Coconut water

Coconut water prevents high blood pressure because of its high potassium content, coconut water has been concentrated for its belongings in controlling high blood pressure.

It keeps your body hydrated and furthermore counteracts diverse medical issue.

Try to drink coconut milk a day to eliminate high blood pressure.

  • Take a freshly cut tender coconut.
  • Acquire the juice out of it.
  • Pour the juice into a glass jar.
  • You can preserve the juice within the icebox or accordance to your need.(If you’re able to extract juice from a lot of coconuts.)

Make sure you drink the coconut milk within the morning before breakfast on a vacant stomach.

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5. Garlic

Garlic is associated with a decrease in the Higher blood pressure among patients. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties to which improves the pressure and improves the blood stream. So attempt to eat garlic consistently, definitely it works legitimately and gives you the best outcome.

Both cooked and raw garlic will assist your management of high BP.At an equivalent time, it can reduce your cholesterol levels considerably.

high blood pressure

Garlic helps relax or loosen your blood vessels by stimulating the development of hydrogen sulphide and nitric oxide.

  • You should eat one or 2 cloves of crushed garlic a day.
  • Or You can simply crush them along with your teeth and chew them.
  • If you do not like it raw then, take some water and pour it into a pot.
  • Put some sliced garlic in the water.
  • Bring the water to a boil and let it simmer for some minutes.
  • The juice should be keep in a very jar and preserved within the refrigerator.
  • Take it twice a day mixed with some heat water on an empty stomach within the morning.

6. Papaya

one cup of Papaya supplies around 781 mg of Potassium that helps decrease high BP.

Nutritional wealthy Papaya delivers several health edges because it is rich additionally in antioxidant and Fibre. Eating raw papaya would be the simplest way to keep your high pressure under control.

However, it is not the only way to eat it.

  • You can cook it
  • fry it
  • Boil it
  • Make a soup of it
  • any way you can take it at it is also absolutely fine and thoroughly effective.

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